Next conference:
June 21-23, 2023 | Dublin


Updated 31st August 2022

The biennial international conferences on Wind Turbine Noise, organised by INCE-Europe, started in Berlin in 2005. They have become the main international forum for the technical discussion of wind turbine noise, from how it is generated to its effect on neighbours. The most recent one was remotely in Europe in May 2021. The next one will be in Dublin in 2023.

The conferences attract delegates from a wide range of disciplines – aeroacoustic research students, researchers into the effects of noise on people, acoustic consultants and representatives of central and local government.

The conferences last 3 or 4 days and are packed with oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, exhibits and informal discussion. Sign up here to go on INCE-Europe's email list to receive details of our conferences.

You can also start a discussion in the INCE-E Wind Turbine Noise group on LinkedIn.

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