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Wind Turbine Noise 2023

WTN - Authors Page

Updated 25th September 2022

This page is for those of you who intend to submit an abstract and subsequently send us a paper. If you want to contribute in another way - such as by running a discussion or hosting a technical event then please let us know through the contact page or by email.

This is an on-site conference so we expect most delegates to attend the conference in Dublin and to present their papers live. However, we are planning to have some facilities to allow people to take part in the conference remotely. Details of this will be provided later.

Submit your abstract by 4th February 2023

You do this by going to the abstract submission page where you can fill in your details and paste the text of your abstract. We will let you know by 18th February whether your abstract has been accepted. Once accepted you will need to prepare a paper.

Submit Your Paper by 14th April 2023

The next stage is for you to submit your paper by 14th April and this should be done in the correct format. You can download a WORD template here. If you need to use other software, then please make sure you retain the layout and the style and particularly the font. However, you must submit your paper to us in WORD or PDF format. There is no maximum length but we suggest that 20 pages is too long! Please also limit the file size to 15Mb. The procedure is the same whether you are doing a poster or oral presentation. This is the paper that will go into the conference proceedings and be available to delegates to download and to the general public to buy after the conference has finished. When your paper is ready please email it to us at

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