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Wind Turbine Noise 2023

Conference Programme

Updated 27th March 2023

We won't be able to publish a full programme until we see what the final list of papers will be. But we can give you a flavour of the subjects being presented and discussed. But please note that the conference will be three full days. We don't expect to start later that 9am on the Wednesday and we are not likely to finish any earlier than 5pm on Friday

At WTN 2023 we hope to draw the best from Lisbon and our remote conference in 2021. We shall be emphasising discussions, conversations and other formats that get people together. That still means that the papers and presentations are an essential part of the conference - indeed the backbone.

A major theme will be the impact on neighbours (if there were no impact, we would not be here of course). This time though there will be a focus on how the various stakeholders view the impact and how that influences decision making.

Closely connected to impact we will be talking about Mode Management. Turbine control systems are developing rapidly so that more power output can be obtained by managing noise modes to keep turbine noise just below the limits. This means there is a great interest in improving the accuracy of predicting wind turbine noise. It means more productive wind farms but it also means that neighbours will have the noise for longer.

Closer to the conference home, the Irish have been debating new national noise limits and guidance. Their debate has exposed the problems involved in setting wind farm noise limits. In addition, a report just published for the UK government has recommended that ETSU-R-97 needs to be reviewed!

Plenty of papers on source noise prediction and source noise generally and this may be a subject for extended discussion. More details about these later.

And finally, Amplitude Modulation is again a topic drawing papers and controversies with moves to incorporate strength of AM into regulations on turbine noise.

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