Next conference:
June 21-23, 2023 | Dublin

Wind Turbine Noise 2023

Themes and Ideas

At WTN 2023 we hope to draw the best from Lisbon and our remote conference in 2021. We shall be emphasising discussions, conversations and other formats that get people together. That still means that the papers and presentations are an essential part of the conference - indeed the backbone.

If I had to predict a subject that will feature strongly in Dublin it would be Mode Management. Turbine control systems are developing rapidly so that more power output can be obtained by managing noise modes to keep turbine noise just below the limits. This means there is a great interest in improving the accuracy of predicting wind turbine noise. But it also means that neighbours will have more noise for longer. Much to discuss.

Closer to the conference home, the Irish have been debating new national noise limits and guidance. Their debate has exposed the problems involved in setting wind farm noise limits.

Submit an abstract if you have something to say on these subjects - or anything else related to wind turbine noise - there are plenty of other topics - the choice is yours.

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