Wind Turbine Noise 2015

2015 - Monday programme

Sound Propagation 1
11:05PLENARY - Wind turbine noise propagation - results of numerical modelling techniques to investigate specific scenariosSims
11:35Modeling of ground and atmospheric effects on wind turbine noiseTian
11:55Metrological validation of the DIN ISO 9613-2 propagation model concerning wind turbine noiseEngelen
12:15Prediction of variability in wind turbine noise calculationsCotte
Sound Propagation 2
14:00Directivity noise attenuation values for large wind turbines - Research based on long term measurementsCoulon
14:20Propagation of noise from wind farms according to the Institute of Acoustics' Good Practice Guide - a sensitivity analysisBirchby
14:40Low-Frequency acoustic near-field of wind-turbinesRicharz
15:00Prediction of infrasound and low frequency noise propagation for modern wind turbines, a proposed supplement to ISO9613-2Hansen
Sound Propagation 3
16:00Influence of vertical temperature gradient on background noise and on long-range noise propagation from wind turbinesBigot
16:20Effects of built environment morphology in residential areas on resisting wind turbine noise on building façadesQu
16:50Session ends

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