Wind Turbine Noise 2015

2015 - Thursday programme

Amplitude Modulation 1
08:30PLENARY - An overview of recent research on AM and OAM of wind turbine noiseMadsen
09:00The Institute of Acoustics' Working Group on Amplitude Modulation - Progress towards an agreed rating and assessment metricIrvine
09:20Measurements demonstrating mitigation of far-field AM from wind turbinesCand
09:40Addressing the issue of enhanced amplitude modulation: A developer's perspectiveCassidy
10:00Current challenges of assessing excess amplitude modulation character in wind turbine noise during EIA/planning phasedi Napoli
Amplitude Modulation 2
11:05Can we really predict wind turbine noise with only one point source?Ecotiere
11:25Time-dependent interference: The Mechanism Causing Amplitude Modulation Noise?Bradley
11:45Low frequency amplitude modulation related to Doppler frequency shift: An experimental study of a 101m diameter wind turbine in a Swiss valleyFalourd
12:05Detection of amplitude modulation in Southern Ontario wind farmsHalstead
Amplitude Modulation 3
13:45Cotton Farm Wind Farm - long term community noise monitoring project - 2 years onStigwood
14:05Affective response to amplitude modulated wind turbine soundVon Hunerbein
14:25Subjective experiments on the auditory impression of the amplitude modulation sound contained in wind turbine noiseYokoyama
14:45Indoor simulation of wind turbine amplitude modulated noiseFernandez
15:05Overview of IEEE standard development on amplitude modulation noise measurementXue
16:00Conference Ends

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