Wind Turbine Noise 2015

2015 - Tuesday programme

Health Effects and Annoyance
08:30PLENARY – Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study: Summary of ResultsMichaud
09:10Findings of the Council of Canadian Academies Expert Panel on Wind Turbine Noise and Human HealthHowe
09:30Impact of windturbine noise on local residents in mountainous terrain at Lista Windfarm, South NorwayVagene
09:50Compliance isn't everythingLarge
10:10Noise from wind turbines and health effects - Investigation of wind turbine noise spectraSondergaard
Regulations 1
11:10Comparative analysis of wind turbine noise assessment and rating procedures in the UK, France and the NetherlandsGoeme
11:30The use of cumulative wind turbine noise related planning conditionsMackay
11:50State of the art and new perspectives for the development of noise regulation of wind farmsSchild
12:10A history of wind turbine noise regulations in the Netherlandsvan den Berg (GP)
Receiving Environment
13:55From good practice guidance to solving amplitude modulation for wind turbine noise assessment in the UKPerkins
14:15Wind turbines - A changed environmentPalmer
14:35Modelling of house filter for wind turbine noiseTachibana
Tonal noise
15:30Assessment of tonal components contained in wind turbine noise in immission areasKobayashi
15:50Tonal noise from wind turbinesEvans
16:10Reduction of tonalities in wind turbines by means of active vibration absorbersEngelhardt
16:45Presentations end

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