Wind Turbine Noise 2015

2015 - Wednesday programme

Hall 1

Wednesday 22nd April 2015 - Oral Presentations - Hall 1
Aeroacoustic Noise Source 1
08:30PLENARY - Basic principles and evidences of wind turbine noise generation mechanismsBertagnolio
09:05Impact on flow topology of solid and permeable trailing edge serrations at incidence on cambered and symmetric airfoilsArce
09:25Aeroacoustic simulation of an airfoil in turbulent inflowIllg
09:45Displacement thickness evaluation for BPM-Type Airfoil-TE noise prediction modelSaab
10:05Simulation of broadband trailing-edge noise - Influence of airfoil shape and flow characteristicsRautmann
Aeroacoustic Noise Source 2
11:05Numerical simulation of airfoil trailing edge serration noiseZhu
11:25On the measurement and prediction of wind-turbine trailing-edge noiseStalnov
11:45Development of a high-fidelity noise prediction and propagation model for noise generated from wind turbinesDebertshauser
12:05On predicting wind turbine noise and amplitude modulation using Amiet's theorySinayako
Aeroacoustic Noise Source 3
13:45On the noise prediction of a serrated DU96 airfoil using the Lattice Boltzmann Methodvan der Velden
14:05An experimental and numerical parameter study on trailing edge blowing for reduced trailing edge noiseGerhard
14:25Aeroacoustic wind tunnel experiment for serration design optimisation and its application to a wind turbine rotorHurault
14:45Icing of wind turbines and the effect on noise - Long-term measurementsAppelqvist
15:05Experimental characterization of stall noise toward its modellingBertagnolio
Small Turbines
16:10Noise reduction for small wind turbine by trailing edge modificationYamagata
16:30Noise directivity from a vertical axis wind turbineMollerstrom
16:50Numerical investigation of the aeroacoustics of small vertical axis wind turbinesWeber
17:25Presentations End

Hall 2

Wednesday 22nd April 2015 - Oral Presentations - Hall 2
08:30See Hall 1
Background Noise and Turbine Noise at Receivers -1
09:05Background noise map creation through a CFD wind modelBartolazi
09:25Methods for assessing background sound levels during post-construction compliance monitoring within a communityDuncan
09:45Wind turbine noise measurement: An efficient and reliable method for extracting the wind turbine noise out of the background noiseTrefois
10:05Practical measurement method of wind turbine noiseFukushima
Background Noise and Turbine Noise at Receivers -2
11:05Spectral discrete probability density function of measured wind turbine noise in the far fieldAshtiani
11:25Research into a continuous wind farm noise monitoring systemDelaire
11:45Noise optimized wind park operationPetitjean
12:05Wind Farm Noise Optimisation ToolFotheringham
13:45Progress report on synthesis of wind turbine noise and infrasoundWalker
14:05Response to simulated wind farm infrasound including effect of expectationTonin
14:25Perception and annoyance of low frequency noise versus infrasound in the context of wind turbine noiseHansen
14:45On the overlap region between wind turbine infrasound and infrasound from other sources and its relation to criteriaLeventhall
15:05Health-based audible noise guidelines account for infrasound and low frequency noise produced by wind turbinesBerger
Regulations 2
16:10Noise protection regulations for wind turbines in GermanyBauerdorff
16:30Sensitivity analysis test on the Italian ISPRA-ARPAT methodology to assess noise impact of operational wind farmsFredianelli
16:50Parsimonius regulations for wind turbine noisevan den Berg (M)
17:25Presentations End

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