Wind Turbine Noise 2009

2009 - Arrangements and Programme

Noise course

The Course on Tuesday 16th June, will take place in the Bote Salen on the ground floor of Hotel Hvide Hus

Registration at 13.50
Start 14.00
End around 19.00


On Tuesday 16th, delegate registration for the conference will take place between 18.00 - 20.00 at the restaurant on the 16th floor when a light buffet will be served.
On Thursday 17th registration will be at 08:15 - 08:30 before the start of the conference.

Conference Reception

On Wednesday evening the reception is being held in Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art which can be seen from the hotel and is about a 5 minute walk. It is being hosted by the Mayor of the City of Aalborg It starts at 18.00 and will last for approximately 1 hour, allowing delegates to make their own arrangements for dinner (which is not included in the conference fee)

Conference Banquet

On Thursday evening the Conference Banquet is at a restaurant called Røverstuen near the Rebild National Park south of Aalborg which is about a 20-25 minutes trip. View menu The coaches leave the hotel at 18.45 and leave the restaurant about 22.30 This is included in the conference fee.

Closing Reception

To be announced later


This is the current programme for Wind Turbine Noise 2009. The organisers reserve the right to make last minute changes should circumstances change

Tuesday 16th June
13.50 - 19.00 Noise Course
18.00 - 20.00 Registration
Wednesday 17th June
08.15 Registration
08.40 Opening of Conference
09.00 Effects of wind turbine noise on humans Eja Pedersen
09.20 Large wind turbines - noise and neighbours Kirsten Nielsen & Bent Christensen
09.40 Seismic Effect on Residents from 3 MW Wind Turbines Bakker, H.H.C., Bennett, D.J., Rapley, B. & Thorne, R.
10.00 The influence of natural ambient sounds on wind turbine noise Karl Bolin & Mats E. Nilsson
10.20 Discussion
10.40 Break
11.00 An estimation method of the amplitude modulation in wind turbine noise for community response assessment Seunghoon Lee, Kyutae Kim, Seungmin Lee, Hogeon Kim and Soogab Lee
11.20 Using the Noise Perception Index (NPI) for assessing wind turbine noise George F. Hessler Jr., Bd. Cert. INCE
11.40 Discussion
12.20 Lunch
13.40 The Use of Noise Perception Index (NPI) For Setting Wind Farm Noise Limits Malcolm Hunt & Lindsay Hannah
14.00 Impact of wind turbine noise in the Netherlands Jan Jabben, Edwin Verheijen & Eric Schreurs
14.20 A critical look at the wind turbine noise regime in Norway. Sigurd Solberg & Inge Hommedal
14.40 Oregon’s Wind Turbine Noise Regulations Mark Bastasch
15.00 Wind Turbine Noise in the United States: The Environmental Speed Limit vs. Worst Case Noise Analyses Tim Casey
15.20 Discussion
15.40 Break
16.00 Unsteady Aerodynamics and Inflow Noise Brian Riget Broe
16.20 Comparison and Validation of Trailing Edge Noise Models Franck Bertagnolio, Helge Aa. Madsen & Christian Bak
16.40 Design of low noise airfoil with high aerodynamic performance Christian Bak, Franck Bertagnolio & Helge Aa. Madsen
17.00 Practical effects of a typical divided rotor blades on aerodynamic noise: a glimpse on future prospects for wind farms and micro turbines Emmanuel Gadaix
17.20 Discussion
17.40 Close
18.00 Reception at Modern Art Gallery
Thursday 18th June
08.40 Prediction of wind turbine noise directivity and swish Stefan Oerlemans & Gerard Schepers
09.00 A New Explanation for Wind Turbine Whoosh – Wind Shear William K.G. Palmer
09.20 Wind Shear and its Effect on Noise Assessment Dick Bowdler
09.40 Wind Turbine Noise Diagnostics Werner Richarz & Harrison Richarz
10.00 Case Study: Wind Turbine Noise in a small and quiet community in Finland Carlo Di Napo
10.20 Discussion
10.40 Break
11.00 Wind Tunnel Testing of Microphone Windscreen Performance Applied to Field Measurements of Wind Turbines David M. Hessler
11.20 The Parabolic Microphone for Directional Measurements on Wind Turbines Lars Enggaard
11.40 Objective calculation of tonal penalty and its implementation in sound level meters and PC software Thorvald Wetlesen, Ole-Herman Bjor & Igor Nikoli & Svein Arne Nordby
12.00 Monitoring, Analyzing, and Adjusting Wind Turbine Systems Daryoush Allaei & Dave Tarnowski
12.20 Discussion
12.40 Lunch
14.00 Comparison of Wind Turbine Manufacturers’ Noise Data for Use in Wind Farm Assessments Sylvia Broneske
14.20 Assessment of Acoustic Emissions of a Wind Turbine in India
14.40 The next version of the IEC 61400-11 measurement method Søndergaard Bo
15.00 National Wind Technology Center Current and Past Testing Activities for Small Wind Turbines Arlinda Huskey & Jeroen van Dam
15.20 Discussion
15.40 Break
16.00 Sound Emission and Sound Propagation for Wind Turbines in Forest Terrain Martin Almgren, Stephan Schönfeld & Josefin Grönlund
16.20 Measurement and assessment of WT noise in the Czech Republic Ales Jiraska
16.40 A Comparison of Background Noise Levels Collected at the Portland Wind Energy Project in Victoria, Australia Christophe Delaire & Daniel Walsh
17.00 Recent Developments in Assessment Guidelines for Sound from Wind Power Projects in Ontario, Canada with a Comparison to Acoustic Audit Results Brian Howe & Nick McCabe
17.20 Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment of Trailing Edge Noise Prediction Based on Dedicated Measurements M. Kamruzzaman, A. Herrig, Th. Lutz, W. Würz, E. Krämer & S. Wagner
17.40 Discussion
18.00 Close
18.40 Bus departure for Conference Banquet
Friday 19th June
08.40 Long distance sound propagation over a sea surface B.L. Andersson, K. Bolin, A. Cederholm & I. Karasalo
09.00 Wind Turbine Acoustic Modeling with the ISO 9613-2 Standard: Methodologies to Address Constraints Erik J. Kalapinski & Tricia Pellerin
09.20 Implementation of the Nord2000 model for wind turbines: New possibilities for calculating noise impact. Thomas Sørensen , Per Nielsen, Jens Villadsen & Birger Plovsing
09.40 Prediction of noise from wind farms with Nord2000. Part 1 Søndergaard Bo & Plovsing Birger
10.00 Prediction of noise from wind farms with Nord2000. Part 2 Birger Plovsing & Bo Søndergaard
10.20 Discussion
10.40 Break
11.00 Wind Farm Noise Predictions and Comparison with Measurements Andrew Bullmore, Justin Adcock, Mark Jiggins & Matthew Cand
11.20 A risk management strategy related to wind farm noise emissions Francois Costes
11.40 Optimization of energy production of a large windfarm with noise constraints: a numerical toolkit Andrea Bartolazzi & Michelangelo Mariani
12.00 Discussion
12.40 Lunch
14.00 Wind farm noise measurements and residual noise estimation by modelling Roberto Ziliani
14.20 An Alternative Approach to Explaining Wind Farm Noise to Community Groups Paul Botha & Fraser Clark
14.40 A study of the seismic disturbance produced by the wind park near the gravitational wave detector GEO-600 Irene Fiori, Lara Giordano, Stephan Hild, Giovanni Losurdo, Emanuele Marchetti, Gillian Mayer & Federico Paoletti
15.00 Investigation into onshore noise emanating from piling operations during the construction phase of Gunfleet Sands offshore wind farm. Martin Patrick Court & Andrew Rutson-Edwards
15.20 Vibration and noise of a horizontal axis wind turbine Maria Golec & Zdzislaw Golec
15.40 Discussion
16.00 Close and Farewell

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