Wind Turbine Noise 2009

June 17-19, 2009

Aalborg, Denmark

More than 160 delegates from 25 countries came to Aalborg, following an invitation from Aalborg University Acoustics Department to hold WTN2009 in their city.

The INCE/Europe series of Wind Turbine Noise Conferences is now firmly established as the leading international meeting devoted to exploring the origins, propagation and effects of wind turbine noise.

The 46 papers which were scheduled divided into

  • Effects of Wind Turbine Noise (6 papers)
  • Regulations for Noise Limits (5 papers)
  • Airfoils (4 papers)
  • Modelling (5 papers)
  • Instrumentation (4 papers)
  • Measurements (9 papers)
  • Propagation and Prediction (5 papers)
  • Planning (3 papers)
  • Case Studies (5 papers)

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