Wind Turbine Noise 2011

2011 - Conference programme

Monday 11 April 2011

11.00 Registration opens
13.30 Conference opens


14.00 Measurements of sound from wind turbines. - Larsson C and Ohlund O
14.15 Coherence issues in wind turbine noise assessment. - Walker BE
14.30 On the propagation model of wind farm noise. - Guarnaccia C, Lenza TLL and Quartieri J
14.45 Wind turbine noise exposure in a complex terrain. - Bolin K and Karasalo I
15.00 ***Discussion to 15.15***
15.15 ***Refreshments to 15.45***
15.45 The wind turbine sound amplifying forest. -Johansson E and Almgren M
16.00 400 MW on-shore wind park NOP The Netherlands. - Vrolijk D and Dijkstra M
16.15 Comparison of predicted wind farm noise emission and measured post-construction noise levels at the Portland Wind Energy Project in Victoria, Australia. - Delaire C, Griffin D and Walsh D
16.30 ***Discussion to 17.00***
17.00 ***Reception to 18.15***
18.15 ***Free evening in Rome***

Tuesday 12 April 2011


08.45 Measuring method of wind turbine noise at residential area - consideration by using various noise indices. - Ishibashi M, Imaizumi H, Ochiai H, Inoue Y and Yamada S
09.00 Towards a national standard to support the assessment of the noise impact of wind farms. - Artom F, Betti R, Carmagnini A, Lenzuni P, Lodi Rizzini L, Marchisio A, Marsico G and Ziliani R
09.15 Application of IEC 61400-11 in Italian land. - Serpilli F, Cesini G and Lori V
09.30 Testing the new version of IEC 61400-11. - Sondergaard B
9.45 Sound power level assessment. Is a reference position really reference? - Jiraska A
10.00 Acoustic analysis of wind turbines with a vertical axis under 'in-situ' in the urban area. -Szulczyk J, Cempel C and Golec Z
10.15 ***Discussion to 10.45***
10.45 ***Refreshments to 11.15***


11.15 A long term noise measurement system for wind farms. - McDonald P, Geraghty D and Humphreys I
11.30 Long term measurements: A way to minimize uncertainties on acoustic impact control of wind farm. - Bigot A and Farotto G
11.45 Continuous noise of monitoring wind turbines. - Dijkstra M and Kerkers T
12.00 Lessons learned from long-term noise monitoring at Project West Wind. - Botha P
12.15 SODAR wind measurements as a mean to refine acoustic analysis of wind projects. - Gianni M, Bartolazzi A, Mariani M and Imperato L
12.30 ***Discussion to 13.00***

13.00 ***Lunch to 14.15***


14.15 Prediction, validation, assessment and compliance of wind farm noise in Australia. - Teague P and Leonard A
14.30 Accounting for background noise when measuring operational sound levels from wind turbine projects. - Hessler D
14.45 Analysis of noise immission levels measured from wind turbines. - Ashtiani P and Titus S
15.00 ***Discussion to 15.15***


15.15 Methods for assessment of the characteristics of wind turbine noise. - Pedersen TH, Von-Hunerbein S and Legarth S
15.30 Noise from large wind turbines - an update on low frequency noise. - Madsen KD and Pedersen TH
15.45 ***Refreshments to 16.15***
16.15 Indoor low frequency noise from wind turbines. - Lindkvist P and Almgren M
16.30 Correlating very low frequency sound pulse to audible wind turbine sound. - Richarz W, Richarz H and Gambino T
16.45 The assessment of low frequency noise and amplitude modulation of wind turbines. - Siponen D
17.00 Monitoring and mitigation of low frequency noise from wind turbines to protect comprehensive test ban seismic monitoring stations. - Styles P, Westwood RF, Toon SM, Buckingham M-P, Marmo B and Carruthers B
17.15 Recent field measurements of wind turbine noise in Japan. - Ochiai H, Inoue Y, Imaizumi H and Yamada S
17.30 ***Discussion to 18.00***
20.00 ***Musei Capitolini Visit and Buffet Dinner

Wednesday 13 April 2011


08.45 Measurement of infrasound from windfarms and other sources. - Turnbull C and Turner J
09.00 The case for spectral measurements of ambient noise levels in the assessment of wind farms. -Terlich M
09.15 ***Discussion to 09.30***


09.30 Fundamental research in amplitude modulation - a project by RenewableUK. - Bass J, Bowdler D, McCaffery M and Grimes G
09.45 Wind turbine amplitude modulation: Research to improve understanding as to its cause and effect. - Bullmore A, Jiggins M, Cand M, Smith M, von Hunerbein S and Davis R
10.00 Detection and quantification of amplitude modulation in wind turbine noise. - McCabe JN
10.15 Measurement of amplitude modulation frequency spectrum. - McLaughlin D
10.30 Long distance amplitude modulation of wind turbine noise. - Di Napoli C
10.45 ***Refreshments to 11.15***
11.15 Measurement of swish noise. A new method. - Lundmark G
11.30 Time domain modeling of aerodynamic noise from wind turbines. - Lee S and Lee S
11.45 ***Discussion to 12.00***


12.00 Responses of the inner ear to infrasound. - Salt AN and Lichtenhan JT
12.15 The audibility of low frequency wind turbine noise. - Swinbanks MA
12.30 Ear training on wind turbine noise emissions. - Dutilleux P
12.45 ***Discussion to 13.00***
13.00 ***Lunch to 14.15***
14.15 The influence of vision on noise annoyance evaluation of wind farms. - Masullo M, Iannace G, Basturk S, Maffei L, Senese VP and Ruotolo F
14.30 Selection of outcome measures in assessing sleep disturbance from wind turbine noise. -Hanning C and Nissenbaum M
14.45 An overview of residential health effects in relation to wind turbine noise. - van den Berg F
15.00 Why turbine noise annoys. - Bowdler D
15.15 ***Discussion to 15.45***
15.45 ***Refreshments to 16.15***
16.15 Evidence based study of noise impacting annoyance. - Palmer WKG
16.30 Perception of noise from large wind turbines. - von Hunerbein S, King A, Hargreaves J, Moorhouse A, Plack C and Pedersen TH
16.45 A note on the debate about health effects from low frequency noise (LFN) from modern large wind turbines. - Hessler GF
17.00 Wind turbine noise in sheltered dwelling areas. - Appelqvist P and Almgren M
17.15 Wind turbine noise and health-related quality of life of near-by residents : a cross-sectional study in New Zealand. - Shepherd D, McBride D, Welch D, Dirks KN and Hill EM
17.30 ***Discussion to 18.00***
18.00 Free evening in Rome

Thursday 14 April 2011


08.45 Italian regulations on wind farm noise. A state of the art. - Bartolazzi A and Mariani M
09.00 Assessment of wind turbine noise using NZ Standard NZS6808:2010 - Fit for purpose. - Hunt M and Chiles S
09.15 Wind energy in Catalonia trends. Environmental compatability. - Arnau J, Deltell A and Escobar JJ
09.30 Review of noise conditions from planning permits recently approved in Victoria, Australia. - Delaire, C and Griffin D
09.45 Application of policy by local authorities to wind turbine noise applications in England. - Perkins RA and Parry GA
10.00 Health based guidelines for wind turbine noise in the Netherlands. - van den Berg M
10.15 Wind turbines noise's French regulations - advantages and inconveniencies. - Gamba R and Garrigues S
10.30 ***Discussion to 10.45***
10.45 ***Refreshments to 11.15***


11.15 Trailing edge noise reduction of wind turbine airfoils by active flow control. - Wolf A, Lutz Th, Wurz W, Stalnov O and Seifert A
11.30 Computational aeroacoustics for rotating systems. - Becker S, Grabinger J, Kaltenbacher M and Scheit C
11.45 CFD analysis of the influence of central shaft on vertical-axis wind turbine noise emission. - Castelli MR, Villa A and Benini E
12.00 Implementation and verification of an aeroacoustic wind turbine blade analysis tool. - Kamruzzaman M, Lutz Th, Nubler K and Kramer E
12.15 Integrated airfoil/blade aeroacoustics modeling and validation. - Xue S, Wu J and Summers M
12.30 ***Discussion to 13.00***
13.00 ***Lunch to 14.15***
14.15 Enhanced wind turbine noise prediction tool SILANT. - Boorsma K and Schepers JG
14.30 Analysis and optimisation of wind turbine noise under uncertainty. - Petrone G, de Nicola C, Quagliarella D, Wittenveen J and Iaccarino G
14.45 Wind turbine blade noise mitigation technologies. - Petitjean B, Drobietz R and Kinzie K
15.00 Appropriate resolution models for MINI wind turbine. - Carley M and Bonsignori M
15.15 ***Discussion to 15.45***
15.45 ***Refreshments to 16.15***


16.15 Test bed for acoustic assessment of small wind turbine drive-trains. - Raman G, Krishnamurthy M, Ramachandran RC, Pereira C, Shi X and Jiang Y
16.30 Microseismic noise from wind turbines in the vicinity of the Virgo Gravitational Wave Detector. - Fiori I, Saccorotti G, Piccinini D, Cauchie L, and Paoletti F
16.45 Long term hydro sound measurements at the Alpha Ventus offshore wind farm focussing on pile driving noise. - Gabriel J, Lubben A and Neumann T
17.00 Monitoring and modelling the vibrational effects of small (<50 kW) wind turbines on the Eskdalemuir IMS station. - Westwood RF, Styles P and Toon SM
17.15 Ambient underwater noise in high and low energy flow conditions. - Willis MR, Broudic M and Masters I
17.30 ***Discusssion to 18.00***

18.00 ***Conference Closes***

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