Wind Turbine Noise 2011

2011 - Overview of topics

Over 100 abstracts were received from which 87 have been accepted covering the following topics :
  • Effects of wind turbine noise and vibration on individual and collective behaviour (15 papers)
  • Noise generation and dependence on atmospheric conditions (11 papers)
  • Low frequencies and amplitude modulation (14 papers)
  • Small wind turbines and alternative designs (4 papers)
  • Propagation and prediction of noise over land and water (9 papers)
  • Measurements of wind turbine noise and vibration (27 papers)
  • Regulations, policies, planning requirements (7 papers)

General Information

This Fourth International Conference is organised by INCE/Europe with the assistance of local organisers, CNR-Institute of Acoustics and Sensors-IDASC. Co-operating organisations are the Acoustical Society of Italy and the International Solar Energy Society - sezione Italiana. The conference venue is the CNR Auditorium (National Research Council of Italy).

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