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Thank you all for submitting your papers in the correct format! Now it is time to prepare your presentation for the conference. Most of you will have done this before and so will not need any help or advice from us but there are just a few basic essentials that you need to know and, for those who are new to this, we have provided some links to further information.

Whether you have an oral or a poster presentation, you are preparing it with only the conference in mind. We will not be publishing or circulating copies of your presentation – only the paper you have already submitted. Your presentation is there to put visuals and written explanations to your spoken words so that they come alive and attract attention.

Papers in the conference proceedings will not be peer reviewed and should not be described as such.

Slides for Oral Presentation

We will expect you to provide a PowerPoint presentation to be uploaded on to the AV system in the hall. You will have 18 minutes to make your presentation. If you want to use a different format please contact us as soon as possible via the contact page. The screen will be set up for an aspect ratio of 4:3 in landscape (horizontal) format. That is the standard format used in PowerPoint. If your slides are not that shape you may lose some edges.

The set up in the main hall will be that there will be a lectern and a laptop. You will have a radio microphone fitted and somebody will help you do this. You will need to take your presentation to the conference office to have it uploaded onto the system. Please do this well before your presentation is due and preferably when you arrive at the conference.

For the forums there will also be a laptop. If you want to make a brief presentation at one of the forums, that will be at the discretion of the forum chair. Contact the forum chair as soon as possible.

If you do want some hints on how to do a better presentation there are thousands of useful bits of advice if you search for “how to make a slide presentation” on the internet. Or for a quick reminder of the basics you could do worse than look at Roberto Cipolla’s presentation here.

Even the most experienced of us might sometimes benefit from being reminded of a few basic points before we finalise our presentation!


We will expect you to provide a poster in portrait (vertical) and A0 in size. That is 1189mm high and 841mm wide. We will provide a board to fix it to. The clear space on the board will be 158cm high by 96cm wide so there will be a bit more space than that. You can set your poster up from 0800 on the first day and it will remain until the end of the conference.

There is a print shop on R.Braamcamp about 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Go left out of the main hotel door and take the third on the left and it is 100m down there. We strongly recommend that you do not use any text smaller than 20pt.

If you do want some hints on how to do a better presentation there are also plenty of examples if you search “how to design a conference poster”.

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