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May 18-21, 2021 | e-Conference from Europe

Wind Turbine Noise 2021

Themes and Ideas

Wind Turbine Noise 2021 will be different from previous conferences because it is an e-conference. As such we shall be emphasising discussions, conversations and other formats that get people together. That still means that the papers and presentations are an essential part of the conference - indeed the backbone.

The venue is Europe. That doesn't mean everything has to be about Europe but some Eurocentric material will be welcome. How about European regulations in different countries or the difference between attitudes towards wind turbines in Europe compared with other parts of the world. You could prepare a paper on one of these subjects or you could:

  • get together a few people from different countries regulations in their own country
  • play recordings of turbine noise to demonstrate different characteristics
  • put together a quiz on wind turbine noise
  • organise a brainstorming on how to make the noisiest turbine.

The conferences attract delegates from the fields of manufacturing, planning development, academia and research and the environment as well as pressure groups, consultants and exhibitors.

After Lisbon it was apparent that some people wanted more work on noise reduction of turbines and on development of more accurate propagation models. And we need more quantitative information on the impact of AM on people.

But the choice is yours.

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