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May 18-21, 2021 | Europe

Wind Turbine Noise 2021

May 18-21, 2021


Ninth International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise.

Updated 19th April 2021

Full Programme Book Published

You can download the Conference Programme Book here. This has the full programme and all the abstracts.

The Conference from roughly 1300 to 1900hrs - exact timings are in the book. Note that all conference timings will be in Central European Summer Time (CEST) which is UTC+2

Information about the conference can be found below and in the menu on the right - where you can see how the conference will operate.

There will also be a break-out space run by Wonder which will be available to meet other delegates throughout the conference.

Registration costs £230 (UK Pounds). There are a limited number of places for students at £50 and if you are eligible please contact us via the contact page. UK residents and non-business individuals elsewhere will have to pay UK VAT in addition.

Our highly successful e-conference on Drone noise (in collaboration with CIDB) in October last year, means we are ready to put everything into WTN2021 with renewed confidence. Quiet Drones wasn’t like other e-conferences you’ve been to. See what delegates said about it below.

WTN2021 will be organised in the same way. Participants were an integral part of the symposium process. Importantly the e-conference allows us to be more flexible regarding the types of papers and presentations we will accept. We know that many research organisations have not been able to progress their work at the rate they would want. Likewise, consultants' activities have been curtailed and they may have less knowledge to share. We will certainly accept abstracts and full papers and presentations as normal, but we also invite anyone who feels they have insufficient for a full paper to make a presentation about, for example, the progress of their research. We also invite people to propose areas for discussion, to organise a demonstration or a brainstorming. How about a competition to design the noisiest turbine?

What people said about Quiet Drones

Marion Burgess, Past President of International INCE, said of it “I would say that it is the first e-symposium or e-conference where I consider that I have actually ‘met’, and so may communicate with in the future, some that I did not know of before”.

Other comments were that

  • “the web site was very clear and I used it a lot”
  • “extremely interesting symposium. It was a complete success”
  • “There were many great conversations over the days”.

Watch this space for more information. If you are not on the mailing list, sign up now.

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