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May 18-21, 2021 | Europe

Wind Turbine Noise 2021

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For tax purposes this year’s conference is based in the UK. That means that UK companies or residents must pay UK VAT.

If you live elsewhere in the world and your businesses or organisation pay your registration fee then you do not pay tax to us. That applies even if you pay for the fee with your own card and reclaim from your organisation. But you do need to provide us with an EU VAT number or outside the EU proof that they are a business or organisation. So in the appropriate box, please put your business VAT number (including country code) or some other proof of your business.

Finally, individuals resident outside the UK will also need to pay UK VAT.

We are sorry for the complexity of this but hope it will be straightforward in practice.

Finally, what you enter here will create your profile in the delegates so please enter the name and the email address you intend to use to log on at the conference - so please don't use such emails as mail@ or admin@ unless thats what you intend to log on with.

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