Personal Data an IP Rights

Updated 31st December 2020

How we use personal data

Personal details are held by INCE/Europe Wind Turbine Noise Conferences in conjunction with a registration for one of our conferences. We retain this data as required for accounting purposes. No data are or will be passed to any third party. No payment or banking details are held by us. You can ask us to remove any of your data that we are not required to retain for statutory purposes at any time by contacting us via the contact page.

INCE/Europe retains a list of email addresses of people who have registered with us in the past or who have attended one of our conferences. We do not retain any data in this list other than the email address. No data are or will be passed to any third party. You can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link on an email or by contacting us via the Contact page.

Intellectual Property Rights of Authors

INCE Europe run the series of conferences called “International Conferences on Wind Turbine Noise”. We accept papers for these conferences which we distribute electronically to delegates at the conferences and subsequently sell as part of the proceedings of each conference.

The authors of these papers, by submitting them for the conference, allow INCE Europe to distribute or sell the papers in this way but the Intellectual Property Rights of the papers remain with the Authors.

You can download a letter with this explanation.

If you provide us with a recorded oral presentation we will provide facilities for it to be played, not downloaded, at the conference and for a limited time thereafter ONLY to delegates at the conference. The Intellectual Property Rights remain with the Authors.